Monday, March 22, 2010

Laurent Perrier taste, Korbel budget

Still in Palm beach.  Life is still surreal around here, although I must admit, I've gotten pretty comfortable riding around in the Rolls.  It's going to be tough readjusting to the Toyota.
My host has been treating me like a princess, which is easy to get used to.  What's not easy to get used to is seeing hundred thousand dollar cars parked at the beach, or Pablo Picasso hanging in the local art galleries.  Amazing stuff in there.  Dali, Warhol.  I noticed a beautiful sculpture and went to take a closer look.  It was a Renoir.  Who the fuck buys a Renoir?  I guess the guy driving the Aston Martin.  "It'll look nice in the parlor, won't it, dear?"

Damn it.  Why don't I get to hang Jean-Michel Basquiat in my living room?

Walking around Worth Avenue was a riot.  All your usual names, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany, Hermès.  They also had some nice boutique shops.  I noticed a beautiful little black dress in the window of Gypsy.  Every woman needs a little black dress, and I'm in the market for a new one.  I knew it would be insanely expensive, but figured it couldn't hurt to take a look.  I have a nice tax refund on the way, and I like to splurge now and then.  I work hard, I deserve nice things, right?

So I went inside and checked the price tag.  $2,300.00

Hmm.  Maybe when it goes on sale...

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Martha Z said...

My sister-in-law lived in Boynton Beach and like to take us to Worth Ave. when we visited. She aspired to that life but we did not. It seems such a waste of resources.
It can be fun to observe, though.