Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My current rock stars

Wow.  Now that I've left San Francisco and have had a minute to breathe, I am amazed at how many people came together to make this one of the easiest moves I've ever had.  Much love and sincere thanks to:

The Acme crew (Watson included) who came together to drink wine, pack, move and ship boxes. 

The J-Lounge crew who came together for food, booze, and fun.

Melissa, for taking my mattress off my hands.  THE Seany Kilf, for moving said mattress in his truck and taking me out to dinner after.

Those people from Craigslist who took my beloved couch and gave it a good home.  Jen for taking my table and computer desk.

These people, for packing and loading up my car:

KKV and Ty, for food, wine, love and rides to and from the airport.

LJ, for being such a sheepfucker.  Lauren, for motivating my ass.

J and G.  For everything.

Am I forgetting anyone?  Yes.  Lots of people.  Holy shit!  How could I forget...

Stone.  For taking the hooks off my shower curtain rod because I wasn't tall enough to reach.  More importantly, for bringing the old grapes and contraband dead pig.  I can think of no one I'd rather spend my last evening in town sitting on the floor with.  See you in New Orleans soon, yeah?  NOWFE, perhaps?


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