Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unnecessary piles of paper

For a dead lady, my mother is pretty popular.  See that down below?  That's a coffee table damn near five feet long, covered in a month's worth of junk mail.


  Cable companies, phone companies, maid services, all begging for business.  Every charitable organization under the sun begging for a handout.  Coupons for this.  Coupons for that.  All in all, a bunch of dead trees for absolutely no fucking reason.  It has to stop.  If she keeps getting this much garbage, there will be no room for MY mail when I move in next month.

I'm in NY this week, busy again Getting Shit Done.  The doormen have been holding her mail for me while I was gone for the past month.  When I got here Monday, he handed me two huge piles of crap.  It's startling to see it in one big bulk like that.  Day to day a piece here, two or three there, doesn't seem like that much.  But try saving all that crap for a month.  Seriously.  See how big the pile gets.

I hate it.  I truly do.  I want it to stop.  But I don't know what to do about it, really.  Any ideas?

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