Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I don't have it.  I can't keep it.  One minute I'm here, one minute I'm there.  I want this, I want that.  One day I'm obsessed with finding someone to reupholster my chair, the next day I'm off that and suddenly figuring out my Mardi Gras costume for next year seems of utmost importance.  I'm thinking ahead to where I might be living in the next year or two, I'm wondering when I'm going to have time to get to a hockey game. (let's go Rangers!) I'm hoping I'll have time to take a trip out of the country this year, or at least to Palm Beach.  I'm hoping I'll make enough money to tip the doormen nicely during the holidays.  I'm making myself dizzy.  I can't keep up.  Slow down!

I wonder what I'm trying to distract myself from.  Because it seems I have lots to think about, but nothing really important on my mind...

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