Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Brooklyn, New York
at dba after the Saints game last week

dba is the best place to watch a Saints game around here.  Bar None is too intense, East Village Tavern is too disconnected.  dba is like home, especially when Simon is there with his Tchoup Shop, can you say crawfish macque choux, seafood gumbo and short-rib pies?  Best bar food ever.  Simon and Jack were sitting next to me on the plane back to NY when I went to New Orleans for Halloween, but I was too whacked out on Valium to hold a coherent conversation.  We exchanged Halloween stories and I passed out, that was pretty much the extent of our interaction until we landed.

I took this photo out back smoking and drinking with the boys after the game.  It was an easy win, a boring game, and we had already moved on to plotting world domination...


dba is one of my favorite bars on the planet.  I spent way too much time and money at their Frenchmen St. location when I lived in New Orleans.  They have live music every night down there.  My friend Julia works the door and has saved me a small fortune in cover charges over the past couple of years.

I left a ridiculously expensive pair of sunglasses at the bar after I took that picture that night.  My mission to retrieve them was quite the emotional roller coaster.  When I called the next day I was shocked and thrilled to hear that they had them.  Then the L train fucked me and I couldn't make it down.  I called back and they promised to hold them until the following day.  I made it down, ordered a drink and waited for the bartender to go look for them.  After looking everywhere, she couldn't find them.  Shit.

So I ordered another drink while she texted the bartenders from the previous evening to ask where they had left them.  As I finished my drink she came over to say, "Sorry, they said they were by the cash register, but I don't see them.  I've looked EVERYWHERE, even the office.  Maybe the clean up people took them, I don't know..."  Shit.  Depressing.

So, I ordered another drink to help with the train ride home.  And the barback started chatting me up.  I told him the tale and he said, "Oh man.  That sucks.  Whattaya gonna do though, huh?"

No shit.  Whattaya gonna do?  As we continued to chat and I finished my drink, the bartender came over.  She said, "Hey, give me your phone number, just in case we find them somewhere."  And the barback said, "Where were they supposed to be?"  And she said, "By the register" and he went to look and found them in about two seconds.

dba.  Best. Bar. Ever.

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Hey Harriet said...

Awesome shot, but what's even more awesome is that you got your sunnies back! Phew! Have a great week :)

Square Peg Guy said...

I'm so glad that you got your sunglasses back! And that's a cool shadow shot, too! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my SS!

BLOGitse said...

I used to save a lot of money knowing doormen at discos...many years ago.
Now I dance and drink mainly at home! :)
Have a good week!

Dimple said...

Nice shot! I like the shadows, composition, and that the whole image is in focus!
Glad you got your sunglasses back, too.
Thanks for coming by!

Diane AZ said...

You caught some interesting shadows at the dba bar. Amazing that you got your sunglasses back, great story!

Eden said...

Lovely shadow shot. Glad you got your sunglasses back.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

You must know that NOONE ever gets their left sunglasses back...This was nothing short of a miracle!! (Or at least, a very cool bar.) Nice ShadowShot. Have a good week kiddo.~Cassie using my dogs blog because I'm too lazy to switch over