Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We got our Christmas wish!  It's gonna be a Black and Gold Superbowl!  Yeah you right!!

Holy shit.  Un-fucking-believable.  Forty-two years New Orleans has waited, suffered.  I myself spent many a painful afternoon in the Dome, enduring crushing loss after crushing loss.  Four long years I held season tickets.  Never made the playoffs once in those four years.  Never even came close.  I was, however, at that magical playoff game in 2001, when the Saints had their first ever playoff win.  That was the craziest I've seen the Dome in all my years as a who dat.  Last night?  I can't even imagine.

What a fucking game.  I really thought they were trying to kill Brett Favre for a minute there.

Here in San Francisco, the Black Magic Voodoo Lounge was like I'd never seen it before.  We screamed.  We yelled.  We hugged.  We kissed.  We cried.  We danced.  Oh, did we dance.  But you had probably guessed that already, huh?  We're from New Orleans.  Dancing is what we do.  We can't help ourselves.

I can't stop watching this video.  It brings tears to my eyes every time.  Especially when they start second lining down the street, about a minute and a half in.

Saints Video: Bourbon Street

  The headline to the article said that the celebration in the French Quarter was "like Mardi Gras on Red Bull."  Oh, how I wish I could have been there!

But I'm leaving San Francisco.  Moving home.  Just in time.  I drive out on the 31st.  I'll be home for the Black and Gold Superbowl.  I will be in my beloved city on the most important day in her recent history.  Yeah you right!


Still got it.  Never lost it.  WHO DAT!!

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