Sunday, April 25, 2010

Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes

New Orleans, LA
Jazz Fest 2010 greatest hits

These guys are pretty fucking awesome.  That's Johnny Sketch, down below.  He's pretty bad ass.  I mean, how many guitar players out there bust out an electric cello every other song?


This is Dave.  He lived in one of the apartments out back for a while at the Compound.  Dave's lazy ass was always hanging out in the pool.  Right next to MY lazy ass.  Some days the whole band would hang out in the pool.  The Compound usually needed some time to recover from those days.


The rest of the Dirty Notes are looking good:



They're sounding good too.  Horn section's as strong as ever.  Visit their website here and check their 'sketchule'.  If you're lucky, they will be coming to a city near you sometime in the near future.  Go.  You won't regret it.  Trust me on this sort of thing.

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Anonymous said...

electric cello? cool! i used to play the cello once upon a time. I'll have to remember their name.