Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eye Candy

New Orleans, LA
Jazz Fest 2010


I remember way back when Big Sam used to own the Funky Butt over on Rampart.  I used to go in there to hear him and his Funky Nation play and wonder why this guy wasn't playing at Jazz Fest, or all over the country for that matter.  It was the best kept secret in the city.  This was back when Big Sam was really BIG Sam, before he lost a bunch of weight and started going to the gym all the time.  He was always one of the most charismatic performers New Orleans had ever seen.  Now he's all buff, and fine as a motherfucker:




The secret's out, too.  He's all over the place now, drawing a huge crowd at the fest last week.  Last time I saw him in San Francisco, the Boom Boom Room had people spilling out the door.  I saw him at d.b.a. not too long ago.  I was going to say hello on the break, but I realized I was going to need a machete to hack through the tangle of shrieking females clinging to his feet.

Hmm.  Maybe some other time.

Check them out here.  See if you can make it to their next show.  Bring your dancing shoes, and lots of energy.  Have fun!

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