Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's make a deal

I've already explained a little bit about jazz funerals to you here.  So this is my plan:

Let's start out at St. Augustine, my favorite Sunday morning hot spot.  We'll wander our way down to the Quarter, parade through Jackson Square, end up somewhere on Frenchmen Street.  Dancing will rule the day, and I think a costume party would be in order.  There should be umbrellas twirling, white handkerchiefs waving.  For fuck's sake, don't wear black.  As I said, think costume.  Think colorful.  I want you pie-rootin' your ass up and down the street decked out in all your finery, just like it was Mardi Gras morning.  Blue skies, the sun will be shining and the band will be playing...

Yeah you right!

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