Monday, November 16, 2009


This precious little schnauzer's name is Blitie.  Have you met Blitie?  If not, you really should.

Blitie is 13 years old.  He was born in Maine, then moved to Miami.  He stayed there for nine years, then moved to New Orleans about four years ago.  Blitie has been around.

Blitie has a younger brother named Bucky.  Don't have any pictures of Bucky.  He's kind of shy.  Bucky is four months younger than Blitie.  They have never been separated.  It was a promise that Don made to his mother-in-law before she died.  They were her dogs originally.  Her wish has been granted, through hell and high water.  Literally.  Don Starr is a man who stands by his word.

I love Blitie.  You would love Blitie too.  Everyone loves Blitie!


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