Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mid City! It's been too long...

I always forget how much cool stuff is going on in Mid City.  I don't get to that neighborhood much, especially since I moved away.  Just had one of my best days in recent memory over in that part of town.

My friend who lives out there came to pick me up in the early afternoon.  First we stopped at that big, beautiful Rouse's supermarket to pick up some snacks.  Forgot how nice that one is!

After catching up and relaxing around the house for a while, it was time to venture out for some real food.  We were paralyzed with indecision.  Where to go?  So many wonderful choices!

And then we drove past Five Happiness.  Oh, Five Happiness...

If you're in New Orleans and you want Chinese food, Five Happiness is the ONLY place to go.  Seriously.  Neither one of us had been there in years, since long before the hurricane.  We couldn't think of single reason not to stop the car.

So glad we did.

After, there was only one logical place for us to go for dessert.  Total no-brainer.  If you're in New Orleans and you're in Mid City and you want dessert, you go to Angelo Brocato's.    

Yeah, there was a line out the door.  There's always a line out the door.  It's been there since 1905, run by the Brocato family for one hundred and four years.  And, yes, it's THAT good.
He got the Sicilian pistachio.  I got the mint chip.  We probably didn't need the cannoli.  But we just couldn't help ourselves.

We rolled back to the house all fat and happy and threw on a movie.  Two stuffed pigs, all sprawled out on the couch.

Wow.  All that, AND the most delectable Cajun to walk the face of the earth for a late-night snack?  It's so fucking good to be home...


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