Friday, November 20, 2009

Saints Sunday at Roger and Don's

This is what a Saints game at Roger and Don’s looks like:


The crowd kept getting bigger.  Pretty soon we had people sitting on the floor.  I ate all sorts of things I shouldn’t have that day.  Nachos and homemade cheese dip.  Spicy!  Crab dip.  Zapp’s potato chips.  Those things will be the death of me some day…

Carrot cake and brownies.  A hot dog.

And of course, Rose’s chili.  Rose makes amazing chili…

The game was a nail-biter.  It came down to the very last second.  Those Saints.  They’ll give you a fucking heart attack, I tell you.  A very tense moment:


The Saints are 9-0.  New Orleans.  Proud to call it home.  Yeah you right!

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