Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Lot of Moving

Through the wonders of facebook, I am back in touch with someone I haven't spoken to in fifteen years.  Wow.  This facebook thing is crazy.  It's also slightly creepy.  I got a friend request from a friend of a friend who was in town for Mardi Gras one time like six years ago.  We hung out once.  Why on earth do you want to be my friend?  You don't even know me.

Although, it did bring Wooo Bobby back into my life!  I remember vividly the last time I spoke to Wooo Bobby.  It was about three and a half years ago, on my thirtieth birthday.  I was in Lake Tahoe, sitting outside of my hotel room staring at the woods.  Wooo Bobby was living in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  We had a long and lovely phone conversation.  We talked about missing New Orleans and each other and maybe him coming to San Francisco for a visit.

Wooo Bobby and I used to bartend together in New Orleans.  He is one of the funniest and most beautiful souls on the planet and I love him more than you can know.  We lost touch, his phone wasn't working.  I tried to find him.  No luck.

To be honest, Wooo Bobby was the entire reason I joined facebook.  When I looked up his name and saw his face, I could resist no longer.  I HAD to get in touch with my boy!  My life is a hundred times better now that Wooo Bobby is in it again.  He's living in North Carolina and life is good.  Sweet.

Back to the friend I hadn't spoken to in fifteen years.  He sent me a message saying, "So. Girl. What the hell have you been up to for the past FIFTEEN years?!"

Yikes.  Long story.  I told him that this would pretty much sum things up...


Yeah.  That sounds about right.  Enough said!

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