Saturday, April 24, 2010

Much better

I started a new job this week.  Today was my third day.  It's great so far.  It's a lot nicer to see signs like this in the kitchen...

                  opposed to signs like this.  At least the sign at this place hints of professionalism.  Although let's face it.  There's a reason they put the sign up in the first place.  But the money's good, it's easy, and the food is awesome so I'm happy.  I got the job in typical New Orleans fashion.  I called a friend and said, "Does the place you're working at still need help?"

"Yeah!" she said. "Actually, can you come in and talk to them about it tonight?  Please?"

An even funnier side note: one of the owners used to be a regular at a dive bar I worked at up the street like ten years ago.  He was the sous chef at my favorite restaurant in town, which is half a block away from the bar.  I remember that he became the executive chef sometime after I stopped working in the neighborhood.  Now it seems he's gone into business with the owners and opened the place I'm at now.  I had no idea until I started working there.  Very cool.  I am reminded once again how very small this city really is.  Amazing how it still manages to produce such an over-abundance of great food and music.  How is that possible, with so few people?

Anyway, he'd better be good to me, or I'll show everyone those pictures I have from Mardi Gras 2002...

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Anonymous said...

glad the new job is going well so far. every workplace needs reminders like this.

go ahead, show the pictures from MG2002. heh heh heh! ;-)