Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jungle bound...

As you know, I was pretty enchanted with the Amazon.  It's haunted me since I left.  I have to get back.

Been emailing back and forth with a guy who works here.  Apparently, he thinks I'm a pretty bright young lady.  This is an email I just got from him:
Great to hear from you.  That was a very comprehensive email you sent, you write very well.  I'll respond and give you a bit more information from us too.  Where did you stay when you visited Manu last?

Your social skills - and I presume some Spanish too? - would be of use in the Mestizo communities in the area too, who are in equal danger of losing more of their traditions and cultures.

You can lead your own project under the auspicies of CREES within the local
area.  You would be in charge of managing the project and we would help
you to organise some research assistants from the local area and universities to assist you.

I have attached some information about the volunteering programme
for you, it is a good foundation to build further research on, once you
are established in the region

Best wishes,

Conservation, Research & Education towards Environmental Sustainability.

Sweet! I get to the jungle July 19, 2010.  I'll most likely skip town right after Adriana's wedding in late June, travel around Peru a bit before settling into Manu.  Cuchewato!

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