Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My neighborhood

New Orleans, Louisiana

I love my neighborhood because there are colorful houses everywhere and Bacchanal is right down the street.  I love it because most of my family and friends live within a five block radius of where I live.  I love it because of stuff like this.  I love it because whenever you're running late you have a built-in excuse.  "Sorry.  The train was passing, I was stuck on the other side."  Those of you who live here know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

I love the random and bizarre coffee shops, I love the fact that Elizabeth's, where I once had the most incredible paneed rabbit my taste buds have ever experienced, is only six blocks away.  I love riding my bike behind the floodwall down by the river, hoping not to get harassed by the harbor police.  I love the fact that my two favorite street names in the city of New Orleans, Piety and Desire, run parallel, and a block apart.  One right after the next.

Which makes perfect sense, when you think about it...

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