Saturday, July 31, 2010


A few days ago I got home and there were a dozen roses in the lobby.  Wally, my favorite of all the doormen, handed them to me and said, "These came for you a little while ago."

I was puzzled, because I knew they weren't from Sweetheart because he doesn't actually have the address of where I'm staying right now, which is ridiculous, now that I think about it.  I couldn't think of anyone who had my address and might be inclined to send me flowers, so it was quite a mystery, until I looked at the card.


Of course.  Christopher.  I should have guessed.  I've told you about Christopher before, remember?

We got to spend some time together Wednesday.  We went to look at the Nobel Monument.  We wandered around.  We had a drink.  Christopher is lots of fun to wander around with.  He's a NYC historian, so you say things like "Wow, that's a cool building" and he says things like "Oh yes, that's the blah-bidee-blah building, built in such-and-such year by so-and-so.  It was done in blah-blah-blah style, which was quite common at that time."  Then he'll rattle off what the building was used for in the past, what it's being used for now, if it's an apartment building, he knows who lived there, who still lives there, and probably even who WILL live there.  I showed him a picture I found in my mother's drawer and asked if he knew where it was taken.  He took one look and immediately said "Oh yes, of course, that's the so-and-so building and that's the such-and-such building, so this must be the NW corner of 83rd and Columbus."  Oh, right.  Of course.  The NW corner of 83rd and Columbus.

I think he said 83rd and Columbus.  I'm pretty sure.  I could be wrong.  I'm not quite as smart as he is.  Obviously.


Spadoman said...

Great little vignette of your life. Thanks for sharing.


Kimberly said...

Christopher sounds like a NY version of Michael Kavaaughn! :)