Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alaskan afternoon

That's Rodney.  Rodney is the best fishing guide I've ever had.

Went on one of those fly-in fishing trips last time I was in Alaska.  It was out of Soldotna, on the Kenai Peninsula.  First, our bad ass little float-plane came to pick us up.


Our pilot dropped us off at a lake in the middle of nowhere.  Some boats were waiting for us and he said he'd be back at 7:30.  OK, see ya!

We fished all day.  Rodney and I had a blast getting to know each other.  Sometimes it seemed like we were laughing more than we were fishing.

It didn't take long before the bears started to show up.


                                    I can't lie.  Those bears were catching a hell of a lot more fish than I was.  Made it look easy, too.  Fuckers.

After a while, this dude showed up in a float-plane.  He was by himself.  He climbed out of the cockpit and onto his wing.  I asked Rodney what he was doing.  Rodney shrugged and said, "He's here to watch the bears."

Just another typical Alaskan afternoon.  Sigh.  Paradise, I tell you.

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