Saturday, December 12, 2009


Lunch with my men.

Cafe Adelaide is one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans.  We went there for lunch my first day in town.  It was quite an event.  I ordered Chef Chris' special:

Cafe Adelaide makes some of the best turtle soup in New Orleans.

And that fucking po-boy was a force to be reckoned with.  Seriously...

  The boys ordered the praline-crusted pork tenderloin with maple glaze, bacon wrapped asparagus, and sweet potatoes.  It was the ticket!

Yes, that's a magnum of wine on our table.  At lunch.  We're in New Orleans baby.  We had a bottle of champagne at the bar before we even sat down.  Then, of course we had to have one of their famous 25-cent martinis...

Lunch took over three hours.  We were quite a hit with the waitstaff.  Lots of socializing.  Every attractive server in the place was summoned to the table for an up close and personal inspection.  By the end of the meal, we were terrorizing the entire restaurant, which was mostly empty by that time.  Thank God.  These ladies work in the accounting office for Commander's Palace.  They were good spirited about the whole thing...

We got to talking.  Turns out they know my friend Randy, who also used to work in the accounting office at Commander's Palace.  Randy lives in San Francisco now.  We all started texting Randy.  Poor Randy.

All in all, I would say my welcome home lunch went pretty well.  No one went to jail.  We didn't get kicked out.  We got a cute waiter's phone number.  I would call that success!

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