Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The Saints were on Monday Night Football.  I was in San Francisco.  So where did I go to watch the game?  Where else?               

The atmosphere was quite festive.  Everyone's feeling pretty good about remaining undefeated thus far.  Mmm, look at all that Purple Haze...

It was even festive behind the bar...

I often wonder what they think of us, those poor people who live at the corner of Lombard and Van Ness.  Once a week during football season, their nice peaceful little corner gets over-run by a bunch of drunken lunatics wearing black and gold, dancing up and down the street, chanting strange phrases using poor grammar.  I wonder if we are inadvertently preventing tourist dollars from reaching our beloved hometown.  "I don't want to go to New Orleans on vacation, honey.  Those people are crazy.  Have you seen their football fans?"

Yeah you right!

The Saints remain undefeated.  They are now 11-0.  Are we talking Superbowl?  We are talking un-fucking-believable.  Who dat said dey gonna beat dem Saints!  Who dat!  Who dat!

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Jonny Hamachi said...

Tell me more of this Purple Haze.