Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maui Kayaks

If you want to go kayaking in Maui with a broken knee, I highly recommend Maui Kayaks.  As you know, when I was there in October I still couldn't walk, but I don't need to walk to paddle a kayak or go snorkeling, do I?

That's K, kayak guide extraordinaire, the man who made it all possible.  I call him K not to protect his identity, but because I don't know how to spell his name.  Getting into the water was easy enough, I crutched on down the beach to the kayak and was pulled out to sea.  K ran the crutches back up to the van.

I very much appreciated K's skill at doing his job successfully while wearing very little clothing.

I also appreciated his skill at finding cool shit for us to look at.  He had lots of info to share about the fish and the turtles and the local area, most of which I forgot once we returned to shore.

   Our small group paddled around all day, anchoring and jumping out to snorkel now and then.  On the way back, what was most likely someone's lost pet bird landed on my kayak.  Twice.


Once we did get back to shore, we ran into the issue of how to get me back up the beach as quickly and comfortably as possible.  At first, I tried to lean on K and hop up the beach.  That didn't last long.

K: "You know, I could carry you."

Me: "You don't mind?"

K: "Do YOU mind?"

You might to scroll back up here and remind yourself what K looks like.

Did I mind?  Aaahh, no.  Not a bit.

Lunch was waiting for us in the van, along with my crutches.  A good time was had by all.  Mahalo, K!

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Lickety Splitter said...

This made me laugh! Glad you had such an awesome experience ... and I'm not talking about that pet bird hanging out with you. :)