Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lovin' that Levi

OK.  So sometimes I get bored.  That's when I start scouring the internet for information about everyone's favorite hunk of manly man... Levi Johnston, ladies and gentleman!!

Thank you.  Thank you very much...

Our down-home, hockey playing boy.  You know you love the Levi.  I love the Levi.

I'll bet you're thinking that Levi is nothing more than a country-ass, redneck hick.  Maybe.  But maybe not.  Check this shit out.  Seriously.  I beg you.  Read the article.  Watch the video.  No, really!  Watch it!

A gay icon?!?!

Really Levi?

 That boy is way too poised (and delicious) for his own damn good.   Levi.  Baby.  I live at 833...  down in the Bywater.

Honey.  Come see me sometime...